FairBooking, an initiative to support independent hotels against Booking & Expedia !

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What is FairBooking for independent Hotels ?

I do not know if you’ve ever heard of Fairbooking?

FairBooking is a hotel reservation site… until then nothing very original as there is plenty on the web.

But this booking site is a little different from the others … very different even ..

Why ? Well simply because this site is a project initially led by an association of independent hoteliers to resist the behemoths of the hotel booking on the internet that are B ** king and Exp $ dia!

An important thing to know: when you book a room on a website like the 2 listed above, it’s convenient, you have all the hotels on the same site just a click away … so as anybody,  you make your reservation through this type of site.

EXCEPT that what you may not know is that the hotel will be far from receiving the price you paid for your room … no, this rate will be reduced by 18 to 22% depending on the site because these central reservations take huge commissions on the backs of hoteliers ..

So yes, of course you have to work with them because they have become ubiquitous in the hotel landscape on the internet today ..

But FairBooking is a very interesting project that must be supported in the sense that, this site, defender of the independent hoteliers, does not take commission for all the reservations made on its site, and allows you in the majority of the cases to reserve your room at the best rate because you will book directly with the hotel, as if you were on the official website of the hotel ..

The website is paid only by an annual fee supported by the hotel according to the number of rooms in its establishment .. but to give you an idea, for a hotel with 45 rooms like the Eiffel Seine hotel, the price per year is 200 euros .. which is derisory compared to the amount of commissions levied by central booking.

So we invite you to support this type of website by making your hotel bookings on it as often as possible …

Eiffel Seine supports the FairBooking project;)

So if you want to book the Eiffel Seine Hotel with the better price and the breakfast included, you can do it directly onto their website by clicking here !