Hotel Wifi : Get an unlimited internet connection during your stay in Paris !


hotel wifi paris

You come from abroad to Paris for a few days at the hotel Eiffel Seine and you want to be able to use internet in unlimited during your Parisian Stay ? HotelWifi is the solution you need …

When traveling abroad, often our mobile phone plan works … yes, but often also it does not give you access to unlimited and free internet access…  and frequently, the roaming charges are very expensive … result, you can not use the internet on your mobile phone at the risk of seeing your bill explode!

Unlimited internet access during your trip to Paris

This period is over ! Thanks to HotelWifi, a small white box that you can take with you everywhere in Paris and that will give you access to the internet as if you had it directly on your mobile phone without using your usual package.

The principle is simple: Hotel Wifi is a terminal that emits a wifi signal on which you will be able to connect as on any wireless network. Once connected, you have access to the internet with a very high speed, worthy of the best internet connection available at your home.

The hotel Eiffel Seine offers this service for its customers who wish to benefit from the very advantageous rate of a few euros per day .. whereas the invoice would be much higher if you had to use the internet with your mobile plan.

For more information, contact our reception, they will be able to inform you!