Unlimited Wifi Connection during your stay in France !


Travel Wifi

You’re planning to come to Paris for a few days in a hotel? And of course you would be able to stay connected to the internet as you are from home …  well this is now possible, thanks to Travel Wifi!

Travel Wifi, what is it?

This new service, offered recently on the French territory, is proposing an internet connection in unlimited wifi (no data limit), permanent and throughout France.

How it works ?

The principle is simple, when you arrive in France, you get a little box (like a HotSpot) that emits a permanent wifi signal (4G speed or 3G depending on the area) and allows you to connect with your smartphone or computer as if you were using a “real “conventional internet connection, like the one you’re having at home.

How much does it cost ?

The service offered by the company Travel Wifi cost about 6 euros per day (on average) and depends on the length of your stay.

More informations ?

You can directly make your reservation before arriving in France on the travel-wifi.com website and request the delivery of your valuable hotspot directly at the Eiffel Seine Hotel.